Join the Debate

Every voice matters, and we need your help

As an independent contractor, you are busy running your business, but that does not mean you don’t have time to make your voice heard. The APCC advocates for fair treatment on a range of independent contractor issues and together we can make a difference.

Ontario's Fair Workplaces Act
The Ontario Liberal Government has announced a package of proposed legislative changes to how work and contract labour is governed in Ontario.These proposals contain a number of measures that will impact Ontario-based APCC members. Make your voice heard. 
Federal Initiatives Affecting IC's
The Canadian Federal Government is proposing changes to the Tax act that will have adverse affects on many APCC members and Independent Contractors. Find out what you can do. Make your voice heard. 
Personal Service Business
Federal Tax legislation includes meaningful penalties for small businesses classified as a PSB. Being a small business is hard enough! Advocate for change, and protect your business from risk.
Social Security and Social Programs
Many independent contractors will make years of contributions to Canada’s social programs, but current rules mean you could be denied benefits when you need them. The movement for fair treatment begins here. Make your Voice Heard