Social Security

Access to Employment Insurance & Social programs

In mid-2014, the APCC received an increasing number of notices from members providing their services to clients through a placement agency as Sole Proprietors that they were being declined when seeking Employment Insurance (EI) benefits, despite a long track record of having made EI contributions, reporting these contributions on their income tax T4s and presenting all documents in compliance with CRA guidelines.

Although these incidents were eventually settled , it was a case of justice delayed is justice denied.  The government’s initial decline had a very negative impact on the affected workers as payment of their EI their benefits was delayed and the appeal process was very costly to pursue.

Overall, this incident served to underscore that Independent Contractors can sometime face significant challenges receiving timely and accurate access to the various Social Security programs they are entitled to under Canadian law and through their history of contributions.

In support of our membership, APCC is committed to educating government on these issues, and has a goal of seeking clear policies for Canada’s Social Security programs that are compliant with existing legal precedents, and that support easy and timely access to these programs for Independent Contractors that are eligible.

We have also prepared a variety of resources that seek to outline what you need to know to apply and receive benefits successfully, and how to appeal if wrongly rejected.

Sole Proprietors