About Us

The Association of Professional Canadian Consultants (APCC) is a not-for-profit professional association committed to promoting the interest of independent contractors (IC) in Canada by providing a forum for idea exchange, professional development and industry advocacy, as well as membership services. 

Our Mission

  • Be a credible voice providing information on the Independent Contractor community in Canada
  • To provide education to the Canadian Independent Contractor community, members of government and our broader society stakeholders on trends and developments in the Canadian market
  • To serve as a hub for government advocacy on issues of interest to the Independent Contractor community in Canada
  • To help assist independent business members in presenting a united front on government issue

Our History

The APCC was originally founded in 1985 as the Association of Professional Computer Consultants and was conceived as an organization to support the emerging trend of information technology workers choosing to operate as independent small consulting businesses, accepting for on a contract basis

At that time, these small businesses were not a widely recognized part of the Canadian economy, and many typical services were just not available to this first generation of independent contractors. Access to cost-effective health and disability insurance was one such service, and as a founding issue, the APCC organized to develop a solution that would meet the needs of association members.

Over the years the APCC has evolved to be an effective voice on a number of critical issues facing the independent contracting community, developing research and advocacy on key issues such as the application of retail sales tax, reclassification of independent Contractors as Personal Services Businesses, and ensuring equal access to Social Security.