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“Contract Labour in Canada: Challenges and Trends”

Articles & Podcasts

Financial Post Article - Time To Get Smart About Our Service Economy
Call to action for the future of Contracting Services, citing the significant role that IT contracting plays in Canada’s economy, with reference to challenges being faced elsewhere.

Description of the changes which were proposed and possibly adopted in the 2011 budget. 
Minister Flaherty’s letter providing a clear statement of the government’s objectives as they relate to Personal Service Businesses, and the changes introduced in October 2011.

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Income Tax and Personal Service Business (PSB) Toolkit

*New! Infographic - What is a PSB?

*New!* Why Should IT Consultants Care About PSB Rules?

Self employed T4 information bulletin 

The History of the PSB

Suggestions on How to Safeguard Your Self-Employed Status

My Own Business Checklist (Basics)

Chartered Accountants for Information Technologists

CA4IT: Top 10 Strategies to Reduce PSC Risk

CA4IT: PSC Risk: Are You Safe?

CA4IT - How to Protect Yourself from Personal Services Business Risk

Peter Drucker and The Knowledge Worker

Knowledge Workers and PSB Risk

David Clancy - Integration of Corporate and Personal Income Taxes

David Clancy - Theory of Integration

Frank McCrea - Notes Clancy's Theory of Integration

[English] Change of the Business Name

[French] Change of the Business Name


Global Trends

The agency workers directive & the cbi-tuc agreement background briefing (2008, May 29) - Open Europe  

Europe – Failure to implement AWD hurting the unemployed (2014, May 6) - Staffing Industry Analysts, Daily News 

The role of temporary agency work and Labour market transitions in Europe (2012, December 19) -  International Confederacy of Private Employment Agencies

ATSCo concern over Agency Workers Directive – the sacrificial lamb? (2004, May 10) - Ann Swain 

Working Conditions - Temporary Agency Workers - European Commission 

Commission reviews application of EU rules on temporary agency work (2014, March 21) - European Commission 


Industry Reports

Industry-Wide Survey

Our world of work is changing and there is a need to educate our government on different aspects of Canada's Information Technology (IT) industry - including the ways in which clients engage IT workers.

Your input will help us better understand Canada’s Knowledge Worker work force.

Click here to take this brief, anonymous survey

The Advantages of a Flexible Labour Market - Montreal Economic Institute 

Les Avantages d'un Marché du Travail Flexible - Institut économique du Montréal

Independent Contracting - Policy and Management Analysis, August 2013 (U.S.)

McKinsey - The Future of Work, March 2012

Intuit - 2020 Report -Twenty Trends That Will Shape The Next Decade

Boston Consulting Group - Adapting to Change

Independent Contracting - Policy and Management Analysis, August 2013 (U.S.)


Standing Committee on Finance

APCC Government Affairs FAQ

Standing Committee on Finance: News Release (July 7, 2013) 

APCC 2013 Submission to the Standing Committee on Finance 

APCC 2012 Pre-Budget Consultations to the Standing Committee on Finance 

APCC 2012 Pre-Budget Submission to the Standing Committee on Finance (July, 2011)

APCC 2010  Pre-Budget Submission to the Standing Committee on Finance (July, 2011)

APCC 2010 Briefing Note to the Standing Committee on Finance (August 13, 2010)

Servant or Master? Differing Interpretations of A Personal Services Business (Report of the Standing Committee on Finance)