Get Involved: Federal Initiatives Affecting IC’s

While the official Department of Finance consultation period is closed, the conversation on this legislation is not yet concluded.  This is the time to continue the conversation with your local Member of Parliament, and we encourage you to engage in at least two further rounds of dialogue. The first round should occur now, with a view of eliciting their support to influence the government’s ‘response’ to the consultation period. Click Here to view a letter template with some sample messages to be sent to your MP.

The second round should occur once the final draft legislation is presented by the Department of Finance, with an emphasis on ‘how do you intend to vote?’ as the core message. As ever, the APCC is determined to be an effective representative of your interests in government affairs and legislative issues. To that end, we have included a Short Survey Here so that we can better understand the position of our membership on these issues, and refine our policy position accordingly.