Liability Insurance tags along with you – Inside and outside your home

Don’t let the name fool you: home insurance can protect much more than your property. With liability coverage that comes with it, you might be surprised to find out how far your coverage goes.

When you’re batting a thousand
Have you ever accidentally hit a buddy and his $800 aviator sunglasses while playing slo-pitch? Not to worry. The liability portion of your homeowner’s policy will likely cover the damage you’ve caused, including the cost of the sunglasses and any medical expenses, too.

When you’re out of the country
Ever had a candlelit wedding proposal end with fire damage to your hotel room? If you’re held legally responsible for any property damages that take place beyond your own property, your home insurance can help pay for repairs or replacements. And as an added bonus, deductibles don’t apply to liability claims.

When you’re at fault, plain and simple
If someone falls victim to a risk around your home (like falling down a rickety staircase or getting nipped by Rover), your liability coverage should cover the cost of injuries. Just remember liability coverage doesn’t apply to anyone who lives in your house (yourself included).

An umbrella policy is a good idea
If you bundle two or more policies (like home and car, for example), you have the option to extend your liability insurance with an umbrella policy, which can add liability amounts from $1 million up to $5 million to your two policies. Why does that matter? It could mean the difference between breathing easy and bankruptcy if you’re ever named in an injury or property damage lawsuit.

Get the facts from a broker
If you want to make sure you’re covered for liability at home, around the block, or on the other side of the world, call PROLINK at 1-800-663-6828 or visit to find a home insurance policy that fits your needs.

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