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Membership Levels

Registered Guests are individuals who chose to create a member profile and are subscribed to the APCC news bulletin. There is no cost to be a registered guest.

Associate Members pay $20.00 + HST ($22.60) per year and are eligible for the discounts and benefits listed on the full membership benefits details page.

Independent Contractors with a promotional code receive a free APCC Associate Membership valued at $20.00 + HST ($22.60) for the term of their contracts + 3 months and are eligible for the same discounts and benefits as Associate Members, as listed on the full membership benefits details page.

Professional Members pay $80.00 + HST ($90.40) per year - Professional Members are eligible for discounts and benefits listed on the full membership benefits details page.


You may downgrade your Professional membership by cancelling insurance coverage and logging in to your profile.


Associate Members pay $22.60/year and may upgrade to Professional Membership by logging in and selecting the upgrade option and paying the differing dollar amount between membership levels.
Upgrading from a free Associate Membership that was obtained through a promotional code to a Professional Membership costs the full Professional Membership fee of $90.40.


Free Associate membership obtained via a promotional code is cancelled automatically 3 months after the end of a contractor’s contract term, unless the contractor notifies the APCC of their most recent contract end date via email at information@apcconline.com.

Associate members can cancel their membership by cancelling recurring payment here or emailing information@apcconline.com.

Professional Members must cancel their insurance coverage in order to downgrade or cancel their membership. Cancelling your Professional Membership effectively ends your insurance coverage and vice-versa.

All membership fee’s are deemed non refundable unless cancellation is done within 10 days of the initial registration. Cancellation notice should be sent to APCC at information@apcconline.com