About The Standing Committee on Finance

The Standing Committee on Finance is an all party committee to which citizens and other parties may make submissions, after which some will be invited to address the committee and discuss / defend their submission. Submissions to the committee on the topic of small business and contract workers are provided below for your review The following is a description copied from the Government’s own web site.

The mandate of the House of Commons Standing Committee on Finance, which is established under Standing Order 104(2) g) of the House of Commons, is to examine and enquire into all such matters as may be referred to it by the House of Commons, to report from time to time and, except when the House otherwise orders, to send for persons, papers and records, as it operates in accordance with its mandate.

Certain standing committees, including the Standing Committee on Finance, are empowered to study and report on all matters relating to the mandate, management and operation of the department or departments of government which are assigned to them from time to time by the House. These departments include the Department of Finance and the Canada Revenue Agency.

Finally, the Standing Committee on Finance also has the responsibility to consider budgetary policy, as outlined in the Standing Orders (S.O. 83.1). In particular, commencing on the first sitting day in September of each year, the Committee is authorized to consider and report on proposals regarding the budgetary policy of the government. The Committee normally presents its pre-budget report no later than the tenth sitting day before the last normal sitting day in December, as set forth in Standing Order 28(2).

In each parliamentary session, the Committee’s work may include:

  • pre-budget consultations
  • briefing sessions by departmental officials on federal government programs
  • examination of planned expenditures of the Department of Finance and the Canada Revenue Agency
  • a review of Order-in-Council appointments
  • a review of Monetary Policy Reports of the Governor of the Bank of Canada
  • a review of the Minister of Finance’s Economic and Fiscal Update
  • consideration of proposed legislation
  • special studies of issues within the Committee’s mandate
  • Consideration of reports of subcommittees

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